New researcher's guide to major dissertation chapters and subsections 

What are the major chapters and subsections in a thesis or dissertation? The answer to this question might be very simple to seasoned researchers. There are however new researchers who are unaware of what sections and chapters they need to add to their thesis. This article will list all the major sections/chapters that you should include when you write your thesis at the end of the year. However, If you are experiencing trouble while writing your thesis then make sure you get in touch with an essay writer. These are trained professionals who can help with your academic writing needs. They can help with your previously written drafts and bring them up to the standard that you want.

Overview of the dissertation

The first thing you will include will be the title page. This will contain your name, your university’s name, and the name of your supervisor. The next page will be the signature page and the copyright page. 

After these three pages, you need to add an abstract. This will provide a brief overview of your thesis or dissertation. The next page, which is the dedication page, is optional. Here you can dedicate your work to someone you know or look up to. The next page is the acknowledgments page. This page is also optional but most universities would recommend that you add one

The following three pages are the table of contents, list of figures, and list of tables. A table of contents is always included in a thesis or dissertation. A list of figures and a list of tables are only added to your dissertation if you use them. Otherwise, these can be omitted as well. You can also take help from an essay writer.

After these pages, we have the 5 main chapters of the thesis. We will look over them in detail in the next section of the article. These 5 main chapters are divided into introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and conclusion. These 5 chapters make up the body of your thesis and it goes without saying that you must include all of them in your dissertation. 

The last portion of your dissertation will include the references and bibliography. The inclusion of the bibliography depends on what your supervisor says. The thesis ends with the appendix section which includes research documents or consent forms. 

Next time you find yourself asking the question, ‘ What headings should I use when I write my essay or dissertation at the end of the term?’ Come back to this article and read this overview once again. This will help you in forming a clear outline for your thesis and dissertation. 

Main chapters of the dissertation

Now that we have given you an overview of a dissertation, let us discuss the major chapters of the dissertation. 

Chapter one is the introduction. In this section, you will state the background of your problem. This can include any prior findings or results from previous studies. After this, you need to come up with a problem statement. This statement is what your dissertation is trying to solve or take care of. Next, you will list the purpose of your study and then mention in small detail the significance of your study. Do mention your limitations and assumptions of your study in the introduction chapter

The literature review is the second chapter of your dissertation. Here you will mention two to three research articles that have done similar research. You will mention their methodology and how the research is of importance to you. Remember to organize the research from most important to least important

Chapter three is the methodology section. Here you will give an overview of all the methods you used for data collection and then what software you used for data analysis. Do not go into too much detail about the software. You should also mention the participants of your study and provide reasoning for why you chose these specific people for your study. Do mention if your study is qualitative or quantitative

Chapter four is titled results and discussion. This is the most important part of your dissertation because here you will list down the findings of your research. Be sure to include any significant correlations that you found during the research and list any hurdles that you faced when analyzing the data.

Chapter five is titled conclusion. Here you present a summary of your results section. You also mention and discuss the results briefly in this section. Remember to include any suggestions that can help future researchers in carrying out their research. 

These five chapters and the subsections will help future researchers a great deal. This article was written with the sole purpose of helping new researchers write their own thesis and dissertation. If you still have problems after reading the article, then you should get in touch with an essay writing serviceThis service can help you with any problems you face when you are writing your dissertation. 

Remember, the first draft of your thesis will not turn out so great. You need to practice and write a couple of drafts before you can finalize your dissertation. It is key to remember that a dissertation is the highest form of academic writing there is. The more effort and time you put into making this document the better. The thesis committee and your supervisor will appreciate your hard work and will definitely grade you better. Come back and consult this article if you forget the major chapters or subsections of a dissertation.






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